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Keeping your carpets looking new and lasting as long as possible requires a regular schedule of vacuuming and a carpet cleaning by a professional.  We at Imperial Carpet Cleaning use truck-mounted equipment to give your carpets a deep down cleaning.  We can restore most carpets to an almost original state.  We can also work on your spots and stains and other problems your carpets may have. Most carpets are designed to resist dirt and staining but still need to be cleaned regularly to prevent damage.

Even though a regular vacuuming can remove most of the dirt, scheduling a professional carpet cleaning a few times a year will help to ensure that your carpets are in the best possible condition.  Vacuuming a carpet does a great job of removing the dirt from the upper layers of your carpet. This is important to do regularly because removing this dirt while it is still at the surface of your carpet will prevent it from working its way down deeper into the fibers. The challenge for most residential vacuum cleaners is that once this dirt does get down past the very top of the carpet, they may not have the suction required to remove it.

This deeper set dirt is what really causes serious damage to your carpet and can only be removed through a professional carpet cleaning. The reason this deeper dirt is a concern is that even though the dirt at the surface may be more visible, the dirt particles that work their way down into the fibers can damage these fibers near their base and cause them to fall out a fiber at a time.

This will eventually thin out your carpet and result in very noticeable wear patterns. Once these occur they can’t be repaired and the carpet will have to be replaced.

Don’t let this happen to you.

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Routine upholstery and carpet cleaning can not only make them look good, it can extent the useful life.


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